The family dynasties (Aleramo, Monferrato, Paelologhi, Gonzaga, Savoia) have enriched the his of the town in comparison to the original medieval centre and there are many monuments dedicated them.
The Castello Paleologo is situated on the right bank of the river Po. It imposing outline has been one of the town's main defences. Now it seems to be quite an exaggeration for the peaceful little town of Casale. The first buildings date back from the XIV century and were later reinforced with walls, four- towers and four further look-out fortifications. The stronghold was finished in 1590 on the opposite side of the town. It was build for the Gonzaga family on the closure of a town walls. It was destroyed by the French.
There are some remarkable religious constructions in Casale Monferrato, such the as the Cathedral dedicated to Sant'Evasio and the Synagogue. They are situated within the town itself and are surrounded by elegant buildings which were once the homes of the noble men of the town. These include the Palazzo Gozzani of Treville and the Palazzo of Anna d'Alençon, a house dating from the late 1800's with an open gallery where precious frescos are exhibited.
Places to visit: Castle, public gardens, Synagogue, Museo di arte e storia ebraica (museum of Jewish art and history), Cathedral, the churches Chiesa dell'Addolorata, S. Paolo Caterina, Municipal theatre, Palazzo Gozzani di S. Giorgio, S. Domenico, Museo Civico (community museum) and the Bistolfi plaster cast gallery.



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