The territory
The province of Alessandria covers an area of 3560 km2 and has a population of 435.000: it is distributed on plane (35%), hills (351%) and mountains (12%). This diversified territory supplies a wide range of options for those wishing to admire the panorama of this part of Piedmont. A mild Spring and Summer are ideal for sports such as walking. Autumn and Winter are good times to taste the local food and wines.
As being a necessary port of call as it is on the road between the Alps and the Ligurian sea, it is also an area of artistic, cultural and economic importance.
On the trails Of taste

The province of Alessandria is a “fruitful land” especially as far as food is concerned. The gastronomic treasures of the area have created a rich and authentic cuisine in which flavours and aromas which were long forgotten can be rediscovered and where there is always the opportunity to experiment with the excellent quality produce of the area.

Numerous Autumnal fairs celebrating the truffle, “Tufo e Tartufo” in Odalengo Piccolo, the Fiera di Bergamasco, the regional “Trifola d'or” fairs in Murisengo, San Sebastiano Curone, the “Sagra del tartufo bianco” in Cellamonte, the Fiera del Tartufo in Acqui and the Fiera di San Baudolino in Alessandria. The culture of food and wine can be combined with tourism every Sunday from June to October by joining the Andar per Cantine e Castelli group who follow a tourist itinerary and also visits the numerous wine cellars of the province (among which are the regional wine tasting shops of Vignale Monferrato and Acqui Terme), the farms, the farmhouse and country restaurants and typical restaurants, in a project for the preservation of the high quality products of the area. The enterprise was set up by the Castelli Aperti - Viaggio nelle terre del Basso Piemonte organisation, which includes the provinces of Alessandria, Asti and Cuneo and also certain companies and wine cellars in the area of Asti.




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