The therapeutic qualities of the waters of Aquae Statiellae made the municipium a health resort spa visited uninterruptedly over the centuries. The Romans immediately adored the springs and built a flourishing city around them, of which we can admire the imposing aqueduct in the Zona Bagni (Baths Zone). In the heart of the present day city of Acqui Terme vve can find the piazza of the “Bollente” (boiling), a fountain where 540 litres of 75°C water flow every minute. The high temperature and strong smell of sulphur in the winter turn into a curtain of smoke that envelops the building, and the puffs of steam coming out of the manhole grates in the road surface create an atmosphere of Dante's hell.
You feel when you use the waters is extraordinary, benefiting both spirit and body. And even today, two thousand years after the Romans, the salty-bromine-iodine-sulphur spa waters still retain their same characteristics: the stored rainwater is heated and enriched over a fiSty-year long course 00.1, a slow filtering that prepares it for therapeutic use, particularly for rheumatic and arthritic problems, for the locomotor system (together with instrumental physiotherapy) and for the airways. Rehabilitation takes place with inhalations, steam baths, vascular water-exercise spa baths, passing from hot to cold water (an authentic Roman inheritance), in relaxing and professional surroundings.
The mud packs, obtained from the contact of the spa waters with selected clay, used at a temperature of 47°C for local applications are the showpieces. Over the years, the Spa, classified by the National Health Service as 1st level super, has known how to renew itself by adding a wide range of aesthetic treatments to the medical therapies, designed for people who want to give themselves a regenerating break away from city turmoil. So we have the possibility of massage cycles, alternating hot and cold-water showers, localized beauty mudpacks, underwater hydro massage, with benefits that can also be found in the cosmetics line based on the spring waters.



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