The province of Alessandria is important for the production of wines al is a source of pride for the whole of Piedmont. Rare wines are product (Carica l'asino e Timorasso) as well as 37 D.O.C. and D.O.C.C. wines.
  • Barbera: The most characteristic wine produced in Piedmont. Excellent for ageing, it ripens from a young ruby-red (pleasantly pungent) to a more mature red with an intense aroma, and is an excellent accompaniment to substantial meals.
  • Dolcetto: A wine commonly produced in Acquese and in Ovadese. It was mentioned in a document written in 1593. It is sweet only by name as it is a well known "dry" wine. It has a hint of almond in the flavors, with a slightly bitter after taste. It is a suitable accompaniment to risotto and truffles as well as white meats. Dolcetto is produced in Acqui and Ovada (100% dolcetto grapes) as well in Monferrato and Colli Tortonesi.
  • Grignolino: This wine cultivated in Casalese and in Astigiano since 1252 was known as “barbesino”. It is of a light ruby-red colour with a light aroma and a tannin flavors. It is a complicated wine with “anarchic” characteristics and muted tones. It is difficult although much loved wine, like a mischievous child, capable of surprises (must be tried with fish dishes!)
  • Cortese: Traditional white wine from Piedmont. The grapes are well suited to the land of Tortona, Acqui and Nevi also Gavi considering the quality of land required: the type of wine obtained from the cortese grapes is dry, fresh and of a light straw colour.
  • Moscato bianco: A popular wine since the time of the Phoenicians. The musty wine from the Orient reached the areas of Acqui and Asti, where it was in large demand due to its perfect balance of sweetness and its low alcohol content. It is a perfect dessert wine and is perfect for toasting cheers.
  • Brachetto: A thick, sweet wine produced from black grapes common since the XV century and drunk young. It has a musty flavor with a hint of ripe fruit. There is also a sparkling variety.

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